Adobe Photoshop 2021 is here.  Among a slew of new features, one thing caught my eye; Neural Filters.  According to Adobe, Neural filters are, “a tool that empowers you to try non-destructive, generative filters and explore creative ideas in seconds. Neural Filters help you improve your images by generating new contextual pixels that are not actually present in your original image.”  Very cool.

Without further ado, scroll on down to see what the Adobe Sensei machine learning algorithm thinks what your favorite celebrities would look like today.

1. Mac miller

Mac Miller left too soon at the age of 26. His posthumous release Circles according to Pitchfork is, “an optimistic epilogue to the life of an aspirational artist.” The Neural filter did a great job in giving us a look at and older Miller. Rest easy Mac.

2. Janis Joplin

When Janis passed away at the too young age of 27, she had just finished her 4th album. It was released “just over three months after her death. It reached number one on the Billboard charts. She was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995″ according to Wikipedia. The Neural filter in this case did a great job at naturally aging Janis’ face, but only reached a portion of her hair.

3. Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat took the art world by storm in the 1980s. Sadly leaving us at the age of 27, he continues to set records. Recently one of his paintings “sold for $110.5 million, making it the sixth-most-expensive work of art ever purchased at auction, and setting a record for an American artist” according to The Atlantic. Photoshop obviously had no clue what do do about Mr. Basquiat’s hair – but did age his face, filling out his jawline, and adding wrinkles.

4. Jim Morrison

The Lizard King.  Jim Morrison departed this Earth at the all too familiar age of 27. He left behind an impressive catalogue of music and poetry that still inspires artists today.  Photoshop’s new smart filter did a better job with Morrison’s hair, adding a blizzard of snowy white hair adding to the aging effect significantly.

5. Amy Winehouse

While Amy Winehouse left us at the age of 27, her soulful swagger will remain forever. Lady Gaga said that “Amy changed pop music forever”.  On the Neural filter front, it added a swatch of gray hair, and made Ms. Winehouse look older in spite of the heavy makeup. In other news, did you know that Amy used to be in “a Salt-n-Pepa style rap duo?”

6. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana brought a raw energy to the top of the charts with their sudden rise to fame, which at the time unseated Michael Jackson from the top of the charts. I’m pretty sure from the age of 13 to 16, all I listened to was the Nirvana box set featuring this photo. In this aged photo, Kurt’s hair has thinned, and he looks kind of like Tom Petty? If you ignore the hair, Kurt is in there.

7. Ritchie Valens

The day the music died.  A heartbreaking plane crash claimed the lives of Mr. Valens, Buddy Holly, and the Big Bopper.  Ritchie was the first Latino rockstar, and was on his way to fame at the young age of 17.  The Neural Filter gave an A+ performance here transforming him completely, including his hair!

8. Biggie Smalls

Chistopher Wallace died at the age of 24. The king of the New York City rap scene, he is still regarded as a fashion icon.  The Neural filter tried to turn his crown into hair, which I had to fix, but other than that it seems to have aged his face consistently.

Overall, I am VERY impressed with the capabilities of the new Neural filters.  As with all artificial intelligence, the filters will get smarter with time.  I had a handful of failed efforts that I have not included in this post including James Dean, Jimi Hendrix and Tupac Shakur.  The algorithm couldn’t handle the youthfulness of Dean’s face or Hendrix’s hair. Download the latest version of Photoshop and try these filters out today!

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